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Water Care - Monthly Balance Plan

Monthly Balance Plan. One of The EK Team will visit your hot tub weekly and carry out the following services:

  • Test the water and adjust the balance (chemicals included).
  • Refill the Floating Chlorine Dispenser.
  • Top Up the water if required.
  • Change and Clean the Filter and remove your dirty one to be cleaned in our shop (as required).
  • Look for any obvious faults and pass them to our Technicians to let you know ASAP and fix as appropriate.
  • Extra Checks for Short Term Rental (STR) units available to give you peace of mind that guests are showing up to a tub in great shape and any misuse is reported ASAP.
  • Two Tier Plan:
    • Private Clients - One visit per week.
    • STR Units - extra visits due to booking information supplied.
Prices On Request.

Winterization & Start-up. If you need your tub winterized or started back up we can perform these tasks for you. Having your tub professionally winterized will make for a trouble free start-up when you next need to refill and enjoy your spa again.

Contact Us today for your service needs or questions.

Winterization. If you need your hot tub winterized, one of our technicians will come out blow out all the lines, pumps and prepare your hot tub for a winter without water so you have a trouble-free startup in Spring. $120 (Plus GST).

Start Ups/Water Exchanges. Maybe your hot tub has been drained for a while and you'd like it refilled and brought back into action for your enjoyment? Maybe you'd rather not deal with the water exchanges and cleaning...or maybe you are too busy and you'd like us to take care of those tiresome tasks? Let us deal with these tasks for you. Contact Us Today for quotes or questions.